Why Does Amazon Keep Saying Payment Revision Needed?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce site where millions of people sell and buy products daily. However, sometimes a notification pops up on the screen saying “payment revision needed,” When you try to buy from amazon. What is this? Many people panic about this notification but don’t worry because You are not the only one who gets this notification; it appears on many buyers’ screens. There are many reasons behind this notification, such as a low bank balance, verification problems, or incorrect information provided, such as your credit card number or billing address etc. Let’s discuss Why Does Amazon Keep Saying Payment Revision Needed? In detail, and provide solutions how you can enjoy shopping on Amazon conveniently by solving this problem.

Why Does Amazon Keep Saying Payment Revision Needed?

What is Payment Revision Needed on Amazon?

“When Amazon displays the message “payment revision needed,” it means that there is an issue with your payment method, and Amazon is requesting that you review it. This is a standard message amazon sends to its buyers when amazon finds any problem with the payment method. This can be due to any reason. They inform you through this notification that something is wrong with your payment method that needs fixation. Amazon gives this notification to you so that you can check your details and not any violation occurs to your privacy. Many sellers also face this problem, but they don’t know what does payment revision mean on amazon? For sellers, they need to revive their account and payment method details. It mainly occurs when sellers change payment methods on amazon or the first time when sellers attach any withdrawal method to an amazon account first time. During the verification process, Amazon may notify them that payment revision is needed until they complete the process successfully.”

This is for the safety of buyers and sellers. Amazon does not take any risk and keep an eye on everything and inform its users about problems; it also provides support to resolve issue people face on amazon.
If you get this notification, you have to check the complete details of the bank balance; everything is fine with that. Then You need to review your billing method and bank so that everything is ok. If yes, then Why Does Amazon Keep Saying Payment Revision Needed?

You can contact amazon support then, but most issue gets resolved by reviewing your amazon account and bank account details because most people commit mistakes here.

Possible Reasons for Amazon Payment Revision Needed

On Amazon, many people are stuck in this trouble when they want to buy anything from amazon that your payment revision is needed. Many people don’t know Why Does Amazon Keep Saying Payment Revision Needed? and what is the reason behind it?
There are different reasons behind amazon’s revised payment method notification. This may be due to Some information issue

  • Card verification needed
  • Incorrect billing address
  • Wrong personal details
  • Frequently entering the wrong password
  • Low bank or card balance
  • Card Blockage
  • Bank account suspension

1.   Sometimes it Also Happens Due to Other Problems Like

  • Reloading problem
  • Updates required
  • Reloading time shortage

Many such reasons can also be behind this notification. After this, many people are able to answer the question of

Why Does Amazon Keep Saying Payment Revision Needed?

After detecting the problem, it’s time to resolve the issue of the amazon payment being declined.

Things to Look at After Receiving the Amazon Payment Revision Message

After getting a notification that payment revision needed on amazon, many users get worried as many think that their accounts get banned. Or their bank account is getting in trouble, but instead of getting panic, you need to check if the notification is real or fake because many scammers are also active and try to scam after getting complete information of accounts.

  • Carefully check the payment revision needed notification first on amazon.
  • Check the email you also received to confirm whether the problem is real or a scam.
  • Read the message carefully and find out why does amazon say payment revision needed? Refresh your account
  • And check all the details are correct
  • Try to fix it if you find any information incorrect.
    When the payment method is updated successfully again, try to buy
    The problem will resolve, but if you are still facing the same problem of payment revision, needed on amazon. You can contact customer support and ask them Why Does Amazon Keep Saying Payment Revision Needed? They guide you properly on how to fix payment revision needed on amazon problem.

How to Fix Payment Revision Needed on Amazon?

Payment revision needed on amazon is not a big problem as it easily gets resolved, usually by just updating your correct billing information and card details. Sometimes also gets resolved by just refreshing the tab properly. But if, in any case, you are unable to fix this problem after updating all details correctly, contact customer support. Here are some methods listed below to fix the amazon revised payment method issue.

How To Fix Payment Revision Needed on Amazon

  • Check all provided information of bank and card is correct
  • If you find any problem, correct that and save
  • Update the account, and the problem gets resolved
  • Check your order and pay again
  • Change the card if you are still getting notifications of amazon payment revision needed

Sometimes after updating correctly, amazon still asks for the revised payment method. Some people still face this problem. This may be because your bank or something else is creating problems.

  • Check your balance
  • Check your credit card limit
  • Check your credit status. Is it active or expired?
  • Contact your bank for proper details about is everything ok
  • change payment method on amazon and try again

You can contact customer support at amazon and ask them Why Does Amazon Keep Saying Payment Revision Needed? They tell you the problem of why your amazon payment was declined. In this way, you can fix the problem of amazon payment revision.


During online Buying and selling on amazon, If you face any problem related, amazon payment needs revision. You can easily resolve these issues now because you know Why Does Amazon Keep Saying Payment Revision Needed? And how to fix these issues? This is not a very difficult task, but if you face any problem, you can easily resolve this issue after reading this article.


What is Revise Payment in Amazon?

Revising payment on amazon simply means updating your existing payment method. You can replace your payment method with other if you are facing any problems. Or you want to change your transaction method with a new one so you can enjoy a good and secure shopping experience at Amazon with complete comfort.

What Does Payment Revision Mean on Amazon?

It means that you need to update your payment method on amazon. Sometimes due to different reasons, Amazon asks you to revise the payment method. This is because of any inappropriate or wrong information provided, verification problem, credit card issuer, or any bank issue. Until you resolve this issue, amazon will not allow you to use amazon for buying and selling. Amazon notified you that an amazon payment revision needed. After finding the problem, try to fix the issue, and then you can continue your shopping at Amazon.

Why Is Amazon Not Accepting my Payment?

There are different reasons due to why amazon’s payment was declined. It can be due to invalid card information or incorrect card numbers. It can be due to a low balance or your card get expires. Similarly, there are many reasons because of why amazon does not accept your payment. But once your payment method is updated successfully, you can use amazon freely.

How to Update Payment on Amazon?

You can update your payment method on amazon very easily but following 4 steps

  • Click your amazon account
  • Open the payment section and click on the edit payment
  • Change the section you want to update
  • Save and continue

Your payment method is updated on Amazon now.

How Long Will Amazon Give You to Revise Payment?

If due to any problem, amazon payment revision is needed. Amazon will not allow you to buy or sell anything until you update your payment and resolve if it is creating any problems. For this, amazon gives you almost 12 hours in which you can easily check your account and revise your payment method.

How Long Does Amazon Give You to Revise Payment?

Amazon gives you 12 hours to revise payment in case of any trouble. Amazon will notify you that payment revision needed; after that, in the next 12 hours, you can revise your payment; otherwise, amazon will cancel your orders and not allow you to buy anything until you update your billing or payment method.

Why Does Amazon Keep Saying to Revise the Payment Method?

Sometimes you update your account, but yet amazing keep saying to revise the payment method. This is because you may provide correct information, but your ban causes any problems or the limit of your card get to end. You can get help from customer support of amazon in this case and resolve this issue.