Saint John’s University | A College for Men – CSB+SJU

Saint John’s University, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Collegeville, Minnesota, stands as a beacon of academic excellence and a unique college experience tailored specifically for men. Partnered with the College of Saint Benedict (CSB), Saint John’s University (SJU) offers a distinctive blend of liberal arts education, Benedictine values, and a close-knit community, making it a standout institution in the realm of higher education.

Historical Roots:

Founded in 1857 by the monks of Saint John’s Abbey, the university has a rich history rooted in the Benedictine tradition. This history is deeply embedded in the campus architecture, traditions, and the daily life of students. Saint John’s Abbey Church, with its iconic Marcel Breuer-designed structure, serves as both a spiritual and architectural centerpiece, reflecting the university’s commitment to a holistic education that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit.

Liberal Arts Education:

At the core of the Saint John’s experience is a rigorous liberal arts education that fosters critical thinking, effective communication, and a well-rounded understanding of the world. The curriculum is designed to challenge students intellectually while providing a broad foundation across disciplines. This approach prepares men at SJU to adapt to a rapidly changing global landscape and equips them with skills that transcend specific career paths.

Benedictine Values:

What sets Saint John’s University apart is its commitment to Benedictine values, which emphasize community, hospitality, and a mindful approach to learning. The Benedictine motto, “Ora et Labora” (Pray and Work), is reflected in the balance between academic pursuits and community engagement. The Benedictine values guide students towards a life of purpose, ethical decision-making, and service to others, creating a transformative college experience that extends beyond the classroom.

Community and Brotherhood:

The all-male environment at SJU fosters a unique sense of camaraderie and brotherhood among students. This close-knit community allows for deep connections and a supportive network that lasts a lifetime. The absence of gender dynamics in the classroom encourages open dialogue and collaboration, creating an environment where young men can explore their intellectual curiosity without societal expectations.

Extracurricular Activities:

Beyond academics, SJU offers a vibrant array of extracurricular activities that contribute to the holistic development of its students. Whether it’s participating in intramural sports, joining a student organization, or engaging in community service, students at SJU have ample opportunities to explore their interests and passions. These activities not only enhance personal growth but also contribute to the sense of community that defines the Saint John’s experience.

Study Abroad Programs:

Saint John’s University recognizes the importance of global perspectives in today’s interconnected world. The university offers robust study abroad programs that allow students to immerse themselves in different cultures, broaden their worldview, and gain a deeper understanding of global issues. These experiences contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals prepared to navigate the complexities of an increasingly diverse and global society.

Alumni Success Stories:

The impact of a Saint John’s education is evident in the success stories of its alumni. Graduates of SJU go on to excel in various fields, from business and healthcare to the arts and sciences. The strong network of alumni provides current students with valuable mentorship and networking opportunities, opening doors to a wide range of career paths and further emphasizing the enduring value of a Saint John’s education.


In conclusion, Saint John’s University, as a college for men within the CSB+SJU community, offers a transformative and unparalleled educational experience. With a commitment to Benedictine values, a focus on liberal arts education, and a tight-knit community that fosters brotherhood, SJU stands as a beacon of academic excellence. As the university continues to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of higher education, it remains dedicated to preparing men for a life of purpose, service, and success in the global community.

Campus Life:

The campus life at Saint John’s University is a vibrant tapestry of academic, social, and spiritual experiences. The unique blend of Benedictine values and a supportive community creates an environment where students can thrive both personally and academically. The student body is diverse, representing a variety of backgrounds, interests, and perspectives, enriching the overall campus experience.

Residential Life:

Residential life plays a crucial role in the Saint John’s experience. The majority of students live on campus, fostering a sense of unity and community. The residential halls are not just places to live; they are spaces where lifelong friendships are forged, and a strong sense of belonging is cultivated. The residence halls also provide a supportive environment for academic collaboration, creating an atmosphere where learning extends beyond the classroom.

Spirituality and Faith:

The Benedictine tradition places a strong emphasis on spirituality and faith, and this is evident in the daily life at Saint John’s. The campus provides various opportunities for spiritual growth, including daily Mass, prayer services, and retreats. The Abbey Church, with its stunning architecture and serene surroundings, serves as a spiritual focal point on campus. The integration of faith into the academic experience adds depth to the education at SJU, encouraging students to explore questions of meaning and purpose.

Career Services and Internships:

Saint John’s University is dedicated to preparing students for successful careers beyond graduation. The Career Services office provides resources such as resume building, interview preparation, and job search assistance. The university also maintains strong connections with industry leaders, facilitating internships and job placements for students. This practical approach to career development ensures that SJU graduates are well-equipped to enter the workforce with confidence and competence.

Environmental Stewardship:

The commitment to environmental stewardship is another aspect that sets Saint John’s University apart. The campus is surrounded by pristine natural beauty, including lakes, forests, and prairies. This setting inspires a sense of responsibility towards the environment, leading to sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly practices on campus. Students at SJU often engage in environmental awareness campaigns and projects, aligning with the Benedictine values of stewardship and respect for the Earth.

Research Opportunities:

Saint John’s University values the pursuit of knowledge and encourages students to engage in research across disciplines. The university provides resources and support for student research projects, allowing them to explore topics of interest and contribute to academic advancements. This emphasis on research not only enhances the academic experience but also prepares students for graduate studies and careers in research-oriented fields.

Admissions and Financial Aid:

Saint John’s University is committed to making its transformative education accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. The admissions process is designed to identify individuals who will thrive in the unique academic and community environment at SJU. The university also offers a range of financial aid options, including scholarships and grants, to ensure that qualified students have the opportunity to pursue their education without undue financial burden.

In conclusion, Saint John’s University, as a college for men within the CSB+SJU community, stands out for its commitment to holistic education, Benedictine values, and a tight-knit community. The university’s unique blend of spirituality, academic rigor, and community engagement creates an environment where men can explore their intellectual and personal potential. As Saint John’s continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience that prepares students not only for successful careers but also for lives of purpose, service, and meaning.