What is Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) & How to Get From Banks?

Safe keeping receipt that takes care of your valuable assets and returns them at the time you want to get them. It’s a security provider for people with valuable assets they find not secure in their homes. They take a percentage from you every year to take care of your valuables, depending on the space allotted to you or the products you want to secure for a specific time. Owners do not choose everyone as a safe-keeping receipt as they do not take a risk on their hard-earned life savings. They only choose a well-reputed, completely secure, and trustworthy organization or bank for their security. It’s the best way to avoid any hectic of keeping your assets at home and looking after them carefully. It’s a very unsafe and risky task, so people pay a fee for the service and avoid the stress of keeping their valuable assets at home.”

Safe Keeping Receipt


What is SKR (Safe Keeping Receipt)?

SKR stands for safe keeping receipt which simply means to save your assets to some reputable receipt. If we get a simple view of this, it means “storage of assets or important objects at some secure and trustworthy place that gives us complete security assurance.”  it can be some organization banks or other financial security services provider company handling this task.

Bank Custodial Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR)

Safe-keeping receipt is a great solution to secure your whole life’s savings and assets by investing a little amount for this work and keeping all your valuables safe and secure. Many financial organizations and companies offer safekeeping services, but most of the safekeeping is done by banks, and people also prefer banks for this task. Banks provide a custodian who takes custody of your valuable assets. After getting SKR, anyone can secure their money, gold, diamonds, documents, prize bonds, or any other valuable items they want to keep protected away from all the risks that come with keeping valuable items at home; it is easier to reach such assets by deceivers or thieves.

How to Get Safekeeping Services from Banks?

All around the world, many banks are giving this SKR (safekeeping receipt) service. You have to follow the below-mentioned to get safe keeping receipt services from any bank.

  • First, you went to any bank and ask them to open a safekeeping account.
  • Banks offer different types of safekeeping accounts, such as those for storing valuables in a locker or safe deposit box, or custodian accounts for regular investors.
  • After this, they give you a form you have to provide complete details on that.
  • Then you pay the safekeeping fee and sign an agreement with the bank.
  • They do a safekeeping agreement or insurance agreement with you too.
  • Bank provides you with a safekeeping certificate which is an agreement between the bank and you. It gives you
  • proof of your ownership and for, the bank it is a safekeeping record
  • When this process is complete, they provide you with a personal space in the bank to keep your assets safe.
  • Every bank charge fee which you have to pay every year is already told to customers by bank management.
  • Every bank has different policies regarding this task and when someone chooses any bank as their safekeeping receipt.
  • Banks provide them with complete details about their terms and conditions, rules and safekeeping deposit charges, etc.
  • They keep a complete safekeeping record of your assets and deposits with which they inform you from time to time and you can also get information about your asset anytime or check your locker or safe box.

This is the complete and easy way to get safekeeping receipts services or open a safekeeping receipt account in any bank worldwide. This process is almost similar in all banks but different banks have different policies and fees that they charge you. So, you can ask about this before getting their services for SKR to bank management.

Digital Safe Keeping Receipts in 2023

In the 21st century, especially after covid, all businesses shifted online similarly, safekeeping receipt services are also shifting to online safe keepers and e-wallet receipts. Yet many people do not have awareness of this system and they prefer physical mediums and organizations as they find it more secure to conserve their assets.

Digital Safe Keeping Receipts in 2023


But with the time individuals are going towards e-wallet receipts after observing its advantages and ease of use. NFT and crypto are getting fresh fame in 2023 and individuals earning from these and storing their assets in e-wallets. Let’s have a look at this e-wallet or digital safekeeping receipt method. Some people prefer physical safekeeping but that requires a lot of paperwork and time. So Now, e-wallets are becoming a trend because it saves time, energy, and convenient 24-hour access to your resources. Their services are unique in different countries according to their needs. If you decide to go it alone, you could simply design your manual system for recording digital receipts, including filters for customers, periods, and invoice status in this system may seem wonderful but there are some disadvantages to this system that prevent some people from using these services. Hope so this system will receive more attention in the coming years.

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Benefits of Safekeeping Receipt

The most beneficial results of safekeeping receipt are it makes people very calm and satisfied as they feel their assets are completely secure.

  • Completely safe way to secure your assets
  • Keep valuables away from any risk
  • Reduce the risk of losing your hard-earned assets from robbers, getting lost, and all other such problems.
  • It provides owners with proof like certificates to claim their own which gives a more secure feeling.

There are many other benefits of SKR but a few main ones are mentioned above.


If we conclude the SKR in a few words it’s a very reliable and efficient method as it provides you complete security of your life savings or any valuable assets and also provides you a certificate of custody that the following assets belong to you in case of any problem you can claim your ownership. So, it is a completely safe and secure way to save your assets by paying a nominal fee for safekeeping services.

Many individuals have different questions related to Safekeeping receipts and safekeeping accounts let’s explore the most often-asked questions.


What Does SKR mean in Banking Terms?

In banking terms SKR (safekeeping receipt) is an instrument that is provided to any customer in which they keep their valuable assets or products safe from theft, or any other problems. Its complete details are already shared in the article.

Who Can Issue an SKR?

SKR is a very responsible job as it needs clients to trust the organization to keep their most valuable things safe. People don’t trust everyone for this task. Many banks, finance organizations, and insurance firms offer their safe keeping receipt services. Well-known banks are the most preferable SKR worldwide as people trust them more than any other organization.

What is a Safekeeping Fee?

A safekeeping fee is a fee that clients have to pay to organizations when they get their services or SKR for taking care of their assets. Different organizations and banks have different percentages of fees according to assets. When you want to open an account or get a Safekeeping receipt service, they inform you about their fee and all other charges they implement on you.

What is the Purpose of Safe Keeping?

Safekeeping gives clients protection of their valuable things or assets like their money, gold, jewelry, gems, important papers, and other valuables from all insecurities like Stealing, deceiving, and all other risks that cause damage to the owner at home. They pay for this task to organizations and keep clients’ assets safe and secure and charge clients for these services(what to do here).

Clients feel safe and secure by getting SKR from trusty organizations or banks. They can also claim their valuables in case of any problem it giving a more secure sensation to clients.